Verify NWSA System

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Today is Wednesday, March 22, 2023

NWSA Verification FAQs

I need proof of certification, but don’t have my card. How can I show I am certified?
Use the Verify NWSA system to instantly confirm the credentials of NWSA-certified personnel using nearly any device with an Internet connection (i.e., computers, smartphones, tablets).

What is the Verify NWSA system?
Verify NWSA is a free online tool available at that is designed to assist employers who may only have access to a copy of a certification card rather than the card itself, and it also aids in maintaining documentation of employee certification(s).

How do I use Verify NWSA?
Just enter the certification number or candidate ID of the individual whose certification you wish to verify, and the system will return the name and current certifications of that person, along with his or her certification expiration dates.

Is a printout from Verify NWSA the same as a certification card?
No. Just as a copy of a certification card should not be accepted as proof of certification, a printout from the Verify NWSA should not be accepted without going online to verify.

How quickly is Verify NWSA updated?
Verify NWSA is updated 24 hours after all the requirements for certification have been met.

What if the certification number or candidate ID I’ve entered doesn’t produce information on a certified individual?
If you have entered and double-checked the certification number or candidate ID and Verify NWSA still does not recognize it, please call Customer Service at 703-459-9211 for further information, or email your request to:

Why can’t I search by certificant name?
The purpose of Verify NWSA is to verify information about the certification status of an individual when the actual card is not available. For privacy and security reasons, Verify NWSA is not able to return lists of certified personnel.